Full House วุ่นนักรักเต็มบ้าน (Full House Thai version)

Full House Thai version Poster
Full House Thai version Poster

Full House Thai version Poster

Full House Thai version

It’s the Thai version of the famous and popular Korean drama Full House

Title: Full House / วุ่นนัก รักเต็มบ้าน / Woon nuk ruk tem barn
Also known as: 풀하우스 / Pool Ha-woo-seu
Duration: Episodes (TBS)
Genres: Romance, Comedy
Country: Thailand
Original title: Full House
Broadcast network: Channel 8 (True Visions Channel)
Broadcast period: January 11, 2014 – (On air)
Air time: Saturday & Sunday
Rating: PG-13

Full House Thai Cast

Full House Thai Cast

Mike Pirath Nitipaisankul as Mike D.Angelo
Aom Sucharat Manaying as Aom-am
Utt Uttsada Panichkul as Guy
Jane Janesuda Parnto as Mintra
Waratta Watcharatorn as Tao
Nisachon Siothaisong as Ben
Tharinthon Chenwanit as Oom
Seksan Sutthichantha as Pao
Ananda Everingham
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After her parents died, Om-Am (Aom Sucha) has lived in the house alone. Her parents named this house “full house”. A single house with beautiful perspective area. Om-Am earns her living being an internet novelist.
Oom (Oil Tharinthorn), her only cousin alive, is pursued by shark loan. Because of debts, she doesn’t seem to find the way to clear it. Finally, she decides to sell “Full house“, but with condition. The condition is that the house must not be demolished or reconstructed at all cost.

Full House Thai version

Full House Thai version

Oom tricks Om-Am to go abroad, so she can finish thing up with the house during her absence. Then, on the plane, Om-Am has met Mike (Mike Piraj), Thai superstar whose scandals are always main issues reported by Media. She doesn’t seem to have good impression on him since their first met. About the same time, she has met Guy (Utt Utsada). Her first impressions of these two guys are totally different. Om-Am and Guy are hitting off. Guy is the person who hires Mike to do model shoot in Korea.

Om-Am’s life abroad started losing fun since money is running out. She struggles the way to return to Thailand. At first, she thinks of asking for help from Guy, but apparently, Guy is left for Thailand. Then she needs to ask Mike for help by lying that she’s Guy’s fiance. When she gets back to Thailand, she faces with bad news. She finds out that her cousin sold her “Full house“. She tries to look for her cousin. She feel both anxious and pissed off. But she can’t find her.

As for Mike, when he gets back to Thailand, he goes straight to Mintra (Jane Janesuda). Mintra, the famous designer, who Mike falls head over heels in love with. But Mintra has met with Guy without taking any interest in Mike at all. Mike starts planning his scheme. He will take Om-Am to meet up with Guy, for Mintra will know that Guy already has a fiance. Thing goes wrong when three of them finally meet. Om-Am tries to avoid Guy and tries not to let Guy know about fiance thing. Mike finds out that he was tricked by Om-Am. He gets so furious. Although Om-Am tries to explain to him why she needed to lie. Mike never forgives her about it.

Full House Thai version

Full House Thai version

Next morning, Om-Am confronts another heartbroken situation. Her belongings in ‘full house’ are seized. The officers show the proof that the house was sold. She tries to look for her cousin’s boyfriend to find out that he was fired from work. Moreover, her cousin is pregnant. This news turns her fury into pity.

Next morning, Mike moves into ‘full house’. Both Om-Am and Mike are surprised. Mike wants to get revenge from Om-Am that she lied to him. He chases her out of the house. She has no where to go, so she insists on staying. Staying outside all night, Om-Am gets high fever and sick. Mike gets soft after seeing her like that, so he lets her come inside the house. He lets her stay until she recovers. After she gets better, she begs Mike to employ her as a house maid, in exchange for her being in this house. She will work for years, to pay the house rent and repay for plane ticket to Mike. She does house chores, writes the script and looks for her cousin, all at the same time.

Full House Thai version Poster

Full House Thai version Poster

Mike plans to take Mintra out for dinner and propose to her. Some of restaurant staff has tipped off to Paparazzi. Mintra comes with Guy, Mike gets pissed off. Media plays joke of him for weeks. Mike has feeling of losing face. Later, Om-Am attends a party and accidentally meets Mike. Guy and Mintra has come to the party, too. All media present. Mike becomes center of attention, because of rumor that he will propose to ‘a lady’, but who?

Om-Am has met Guy again and they have a good time talking about her novel. Mintra comes and sees them together. She joins them, looking at Om-Am unpleasurable look. Om-Am excuses herself and leaves. Mintra confesses to Guy that she likes him and loves him. But Guy tells her that he thinks of her as sister. He also tells her that Mike likes her. After hearing that, Mintra rushes to Mike who is looking for Om-Am. Mintra stops Mike and asks him whether he likes and loves her. Instead, Mike embraces Om-Am and kisses her, then he announces that Om-Am is the person he intends to purpose to.

Next day, Mike gives Om-Am an offer. He will pay her to marry him, and she can continue on living in this house. Om-Am agrees. They sign a 6-month contemporary marriage contract with one condition. It’s that the house will return to her after divorce. Living together in the same house, being close to each other, they start the bond. Though Mike tries every way to tease Om-Am, she never gets mad at him.

Translated by: la_bonita29

Full House Thai version Poster

Full House Thai version Poster


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